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    Master Text Frames in a Book


      I apologize if this has been asked but every time I go to search Adobe Communities in the InDesign Community it takes me to this Start a discussion page without showing me any results.


      My question is about Master Pages and Primary Frames as used in a Book.


      I have several documents each with a single poem in it. They were all created using a template file with a Primary Text Frame present so that when I loaded the cursor they auto-flowed to multiple pages if needed. I've added each file to a Book using InDesign CS6. On the ID file that is my master style document for the Book I made a change to the Primary Text frame in Master Page A. I made the Primary Frame smaller. This change showed up when applied to the document. The frame is a primary frame because it is showing that special icon you get with a primary frame not just a standard text frame square box icon for regular text frames.


      When I apply this master page to the rest of the documents using Synchronize or even just opening the other file as shown in the Book dialogue window the Text Frame for that document does not get smaller. The master style document does but none of the others do. None of the files have override master checked and the Master Page A does not have that checked either.


      I've seen several tutorials online showing that if you make a change to a Master Style and sync, it should adjust the documents in a book. They simply do it and it works. They are also using CS6. I'm not sure what I may be doing differently.


      Is there a button click I'm missing? Has anyone else experienced this problem?


      Any insights the community can provide is most appreciated.

      Thank you.