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    RH2015, When using CBTs to publish a subset of a project, search still finds the content that was tagged to not publish.


      Hi all,


      I'm curious if this is 'By Design' or something I'm doing...?   I have a project that is an in depth Administrators guide.  I've used Conditional Build Tags to block out most of the Administrator and Support information (server names, API data flow charts etc) to create a Users guide for the app as the GUI and app behavior is covered along with the back end information.


      I can publish this project to it's own folder set (Pathed \\server\share\RH_Projects\UserGuide... as opposed to \\server\share\RH_Projects\AdminGuide...) when I publish and set the conditional build and it seems to work well.  The TOC is correct and the additional information and topics don't show in the project.  However, if I search for an API name or a server name it still pulls up the topics that were tagged to NOT be included in the build.  Looking in the UserGuide folders I see the topics that I didn't want in the build are still being moved into the output folder and am wondering if there's a way to exclude those topics from publishing into the UserGuide folders?