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    Movies stop playing

      This is only my second project using Director (MX2004) - and I am having a problem with AVI Video playback. Normally I create some buttons and when a user selects a button I jump to a marker and play a video. So I dont have to account for all of the frames I loop it until the "duration" of the movie is complete - then return somewhere. However, my videos in this project are stopping well short of the end.

      Example: I have a movie whose durations is 15436.

      Code looks something like this

      on exit frame me
      if the movietime of sprite 5 = 15436 then go "Some Marker"
      else go to the frame
      end if

      I monitor the movietime in the message window and it never makes it even close to the end.

      Since I only have 4 videos - I didn't mind hardcoding the duration like that rather than programatically. I got the duration of each video by going into the message window and using:

      Put the duration of sprite 5

      This has worked for me before and I cant figure out why my movies arent making it till the end. Project or import setting? Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank you!

      I forgot to mention that the video's stop in the same spot everytime (movietime)