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    Externally Nested Bootstrap Slideshow in v 2014.1? Is this possible??


      I'm trying to do this in the 2014.1 version of Edge Animate: http://blogs.adobe.com/edge/2012/05/15/bootstrapping-edge-compositions/


      Since there's no more page-specific preloader generated by AE, is there a way to do this? (ie, page_c_edgePreload.js)


      For example, I'm trying to add a PAGE_D animation to the above linked example, and it's failing. This is a super-simple example too, I don't even have any images I'm trying to get to show up.


      Including a google drive zip file here


      I've also tried the edge commons version here, but I need it to automatically advance to the next project/slide/EA file. http://edgedocks.com/edgecommons#anchor_edgecommons_21