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    Please take my money!!!


      Adobe I have updated my expired card at least 7 times, it looks successful and then you send me a note that you can't process my payment? because somehow it reverts back to the old CC number.  I call, and you send me to "secure" site and the it says you are  experiencing technical difficulties, I can only beg for you to take my money....what kind of organization doesn't prioritize fixing a payment issue??  My time is valuable, I just spoke to you again and you say try again in 2-3 hours....yet you manage to suspend my account for non payment.  Are you trying to drive customers away?  I can use other  editors.....

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unfortunately, posting here is not as likely going to get the attention you deserve with your issue.  You will need to contact Adobe Support directly thru chat or by telephone, which you have already tried...  hopefully you will have better luck when you try again.

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            billu19819569 Level 1

            I spoke to CS and they said they could not help- maybe try another browser ( I tried IE10 and Chrome) or call back in 2-3 hours?  Honestly I just don't get it. Oh BTW - right under the we are available 24/7 - it says Chat Feature is closed/unavailable.  Where are you Adobe folks?