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    Video preview in Adobe Premiere Pro CC stutters badly while playing on a powerful laptop


      I bought 4 months ago relatively powerful laptop specifically for my needs of video editing with Premiere Pro CC, but so far this has been very frustrating experience.


      Lenovo Y40-80

      Intel i7-5500U

      RAM 16 GB

      SSD 512 GB

      AMD Radeon R9 M275 4GB

      LCD 1920x1080


      Playing the timeline (4K clips without any effects applied) in the preview window stutters so badly that it is almost impossible to use the software. The playback is relatively smooth for the first 3-5 seconds and after that it slows down dramatically to 2-3 frames per second (the other frames are dropped).


      I tried all the latest AMD Catalyst drivers, including beta. Complained on the AMD forum. Reduced the playback resolution from 1/2 to 1/8 without any visible effect. In fact even turning off the discrete GPU via the BIOS did not lower futher the playback speed. Upgrading from Premiere CC (2014) to CC (2015) did not change anything either.


      Quite interestingly, feature like high quality 4K export works quite well, with speed comparable to my 4 years old desktop. The desktop handles very well the editing process, and based on the specs the laptop should have approximately the same performance as the desktop.


      Any suggestions, please?