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    Photoshop Lightroom 6 not starting on my Mac (OSx 10.10.4).


      LR 6.0 was working before my vacation, just got home and wanted to upload and process all our photos but LR 6 hangs at the splash screen.


      Absolutely no support options and you get the typical menu run around so I was dumped out here.


      I have tried the renaming the Library\Application Support\Adobe\SLStore which wiped out my license key and derailed me on the search for it.  After entering the correct key, I still hang at the splash screen.


      I've tried restarting my MacBook Pro.

      I've done a full power down.


      I've tried holding down the Option key when starting LR 6.0 to get to the "Choose Catalog" screen, the app hangs in that screen now, unable to choose another catalog or even create a new one.


      Anyone have this problem or ideas since Adobe is MIA on helping here?