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    does Adobe provide the WORST support service on the planet?


      I have dealt with some very ordinary support organisations but Adobe really takes the cake...


      My Adobe Creative Cloud subscription expired base in June this year, as my credit card had been replaced and the payment details registered with Adobe were out of date. As prompted by the website, I updated my payment details so the subscription could be renewed. Adobe deducted the amount from my credit card but did NOT re-activate my subscription. I limped along using a trial and eventually found the support links on the Adobe website. I then entered into what can only be described as the worst support process I have ever experienced all via chat (which hung repeatedly so I had to re-state my case multiple times). The first agent told me that I had to 1. have my first payment refunded and re-order Creative Cloud. So I left that chat session returned to the website only to find that the "update your payment details to renew your subscription" option was all I could find. So I returned to the chat support to eventually be escalated to someone who stated that they would escalate the issue and someone would be in contact with me within 24 hours to fix the issue. 72 hours later, no one has contacted me and I eventually located a telephone number for Adobe Australia via a White Pages search. I then speak to an Agent who says that "My case has already been escalated to a senior team" and they are working on it. I asked to speak to them and are told that "they will contact me within 24 hours"...


      So in summary, almost 2 months after Adobe took my money, I don't have access to the software that I paid for by following instructions on the Adobe website and no one who can actually fix the problem will speak to me.


      I wonder what the likes of the ACCC would think of this? I fairly sure that taking peoples money for the promise of delivery a service and then NOT delivery that service is FRAUD!