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    pdf dimensions




      I'm working at a company in Tokyo that produces a monthly magazine that is also released in electronic (pdf) format. The magazines dimensions are close to A4 but different enough to cause thin white lines to appear at the right hand side and top of the page when viewing the magazine in the ios default pdf viewer / adobe acrobat reader. Since most of the magazines pages are full colour, these white lines stand out quite a lot.

      This didnt happen in an old version of the pdf viewer, though unfortunately I'm not sure in which version of pdf reader this problem was introduced.


      Is this something you can look into and fix?


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          pwillener Level 8

          Let's start with a few basics:

          • what is your operating system?
          • what is your Reader version?
          • how are these PDFs created?
          • can you share such a PDF: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1408375
          • where in Tokyo are you?  (just curious; I am in Ebisu.)
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            pwillener Level 8

            Re-reading your post I see that you mention iOS; does it also happen on any desktop systems?

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              luminapdf Level 1

              Thanks for your response.


              -The reader is the latest version of adobe acrobat reader available from the app store (version 15.0.8) on ios 8.4. We have an ios application to read our magazines that uses the FastPDFKit library, and recently due to Apple forcing everyone to make their apps 64 bit compatible I had to upgrade the version of the fastpdfkit library we were using. That's when I noticed the white lines problem in the application, then after in Adobe reader applications...


              -The PDFs are created this way:

              Adobe InDesign CC 2015

              Generate native data of each page as PS file



              Write the PS files to PDF data in the "Adobe Acrobat Distiller DC"


              The main settings when exporting:

              Compatible format "Acrobat6.0 (PDF1.5)",

              Binding direction "right"

              Resolution "600dpi"

              Optimised for Web display

              The default page size "width 220mm, height 280mm"



              Integrate and edit each generated PDF page in "Adobe Acrobat DC"


              -The problem also happens when using the default OSX pdf viewer (on Yosemite 10.10.4).


              I am also in Ebisu.

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                pwillener Level 8

                Alex Fletcher wrote:


                I am also in Ebisu.

                What a coincidence! Maybe see you some time in one of the many restaurants and izakaya in the area...


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                  luminapdf Level 1

                  Here's a sample of the file. If you're viewing it on a mac, you have to zoom in a few times before the white lines appear (at the top and right borders)

                  Shared Files - Acrobat.com

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                    luminapdf Level 1

                    Turns out the problem was caused by saving the file in the OSX "Preview" application... Wasn't visible when viewing files saved this way in older versions of FastPDFKit (and presumably acrobat reader).

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                      pwillener Level 8

                      Glad you resolved it!