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    Audio not rendering (Audio Output *is* checked)


      I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is going wrong here.


      (*Yes* I have ticked the "Audio Output Auto" checkbox in AE's render options.)


      Whenever I render out my project - either through AE render queue or AME - my file doesn't have *any* audio.

      It doesn't matter what format I choose to render out as either.


      The audio plays during RAM Preview, but when I render the project the video is completely silent.

      The project contains 1 imported *.m2ts format video that I recorded with a Sony handycam. The audio on that footage is muted.

      I also imported an MP3 file which is the audio that *should* be playing after rendering - which isn't.


      The strange thing about this is that after finally giving up on figuring out what was wrong with this particular project, I started a new project in a similar fashion. Added the same footage and the same MP3 file, sent it to AME and rendered. To my surprise it worked. So I thought to myself that maybe my project file had been corrupted somehow. I re-opened it and tried rendering it again and it actually worked! I only rendered about a 10 second part just to save time. Well, I then tried to render a larger part and guess what... the audio works but it's just looping the audio from the 10 second render... WHAT THE HELL?


      Sorry if I haven't done a very good job at explaining this. I'm really confused as the what's happening and I would greatly appreciate anyone's help.


      Here are my system specs.


      After Effects

      Windows 10 Pro

      Intel Core i7 4770K

      16Gb RAM

      Nvidia GTX 770

      Steinberg UR28M Audio Interface

      256Gb Crucial M500 SSD