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    sketch app is useless

    Arrakis Level 1

      I was excited about getting the adobe apps for my iPad.  I thought that I would be able to get more creative wherever I happened to be but after using them for only a couple of hours I realised that was never to be.  Is absolutely impossible to draw anything because of the laggy slowness.  My iPad is 3rd gen purchased about 2.5 years ago from memory. I even purchased a very expensive stylus in my excitement but and to get a refund as it was useless.   Anyone else have issues with these apps?

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Maybe you should post on the appropriate Forum instead of the Photoshop (proper) Forum.



          Adobe Photoshop Sketch

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            KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional



            I'm intentionally a slower illustrator on my iPad than on my desktop or laptop, but pen is sometimes better than finger.


            I use a Wacom Intuos on my desktop/laptop which allows me to be much faster.   The problem isn't in the applications, but in the hardware.  Unfortunately, the bluetooth connection just isn't fast enough to keep up with all of the information that we try to throw at it.

            Experienced illustrators (maybe like you too) will find that strokes have to be much more deliberate on the iPad than on a Wacom tablet.


            Although it's slower, I don't use the iPad when I can use the Wacom.  But it means that I can sketch some ideas out during a presentation and send them directly to Illustrator.

            I haven't met anyone who is moving all of their professional (design/illustration) workflow to the iPad.


            It may take a little more getting used to, but it'll be interesting when iPad hardware catches up to my Macbook.


            Bluetooth is unfortunately the only way to connect pressure sensitivity to the iPad. 


            USB = 480 mbps

            Bluetooth < 25 mbps



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              floramc Adobe Community Professional

              i would not say it is useless. Maybe you should think of it in a different way. The way I use sketch is quite unique and probably won't fit your needs, but generally, sketch can be useful for your own sketches, for small projects. I am not sure the target is to create big things on the mobile device, but it surely helps in small things. It is probably not something in your own workflow, but I must say sketch is an app I use at least thrice a week.

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                cherlita Level 3

                I'm enjoying Sketch very much. Working on the iPad with Sketch allows me to work out illustration concepts, and also sketch away from my studio, for fun. I do find that it runs faster on my iPad Air 2 that it did on my older iPad with Retina display. I do not compare it to working with Photoshop and my Wacom tablet; it is different. The transfer of files to Photoshop CC for more detailed work is smooth.

                I hope this is helpful

                Best wishes,


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