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    open parameter "Highlight"




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      I try to open a PDF file on a specific page and highlight an area.

      The PDF file contains electrical drawings. The coordinates to highlight I get from the CAD Programm.

      It is to start the PDF File, if an error occurs in the electrics, from a  PC Program showing the page and highlight the part giving the faultmessage.


      My command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" /A "page=9#highlight=100,100,400,400"  C:\Users\Public\drawing.pdf

      The correct page will be opened but without highlighting....


      What to do?


      2. Question

      The PDF file comes with a very nice navgation inside the document. You can click on a contactor coil and it shows a red rectangle around the symbol.

      One more mouseclick and it jumps to the contacts on a different page, making it again with a red rectangle.

      I add a namedDestination to the startobj of the bookmark.


      1086 0 obj


      /S /GoTo /D[241 0 R /Fit]/Next 1087 0 R



      This will open the correct page but will nor show the rectangle because the /Next goes to a push button.

      Is it possible to make an object wich opens a page and shows a rect on a specific area.

      (Nearly the same result as the highlight command.....)


      Thanks in advance