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    How to get LR5 to show and import a JPG I just saved via PSE 8 (run from LR5)?




      From LR5 I edited a shot in PSE8 and saved a few versions as TIFFs (more than I need but that's a separate matter!).

      LR5 automatically catalogued these TIFFs fine.

      But when I saved the last change in PSE8 as a JPG it did not show up in the catalogue. The JPG is on file so I went to import it, but LR5 does not show it in the import grid for the folder. In the import screen, as expected all the other shots as well as the TIFFs I saved are shown greyed out because they're on the catalogue. But the new one not catalogued isn't shown at all.


      I just want to keep track of the JPG that was based on a catalogued TIFF. Is there a trick to streamlining use of an editor run from LR5?


      Thank you for any advice.