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    How to set date on video mp4 files?

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      I am using Lightroom 4.4 (yes I know it's ancient).  I like to have videos in lightroom because it makes them very easy do get onto smugmug using the lightroom smugmug plugin.  But it seems like video files are constantly changing dates.  I have smart collections set up to manage my workflow each month and every time lightroom randomly seems to find matching videos to my smart collection query even though those videos are nowhere near the dates covered by the smart collection.  My smart collection is set on the "capture date" of pictures which is an easy standard contained inside pictures.  Isn't there something similar for videos?  How do I set it on the video file itself (if possible).  Is the only way to set the "capture date" on a video file is to edit the metadata of the video file in lightroom?  Is there a different way I can setup my smart collection with the "capture date" used for pictures and something else used for videos?  Any help would be appreciated.