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    New Lightroom CC installation and missing (existing) Flickr publishing folder(s)


      I need some support. Recently my computer cashed and all info on the C: disk was gone. Thankfully I was able to retrieve my Picture folders from a different partition and copied them to my new PC.


      After reinstalling Lightroom CC I noticed that my LR catalogue file was gone because of the crash as well so I had to build a new catalogue. Next I started to install the Facebook and Flickr pugins in LR (just the ones supported in LR CC) .


      Now the problem is that I don't see pictures anymore in LR's "public services / Flickr / 'my name' / Photostream folder.


      Because I'm afraid I will delete all pictures on Flickr when I want to add some new pictures to Flickr via LR's publish server. Is this a realistic threat? Will it delete Flickr's upload because of this new sync with an empty folder in LR?


      Who nows how to get my uploaded Flickr images back in my LR's Flickr publish services folder?


      Many thanks in advance to anybody with a helping hand!