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    fresh layer cache checkout failed


      Latest version, having finally sorted out tons of bugs - worst I've seen in 15 years, and now I get this


      " fresh layer cache checkout failed"

      Accompanied by this is a blank canvas. Like Premiere, where it takes ages to generate an image at the start of a project.

      Seems After Effects had veered off a cliff in the programming department.

      Never ever seen blank canvas before when opening a project - meanwhile it creates colossal (50Gb) cache files. We're told to delete these when we get ram issues. Then the blank canvas, fresh layer check outs come, min ram error, outsized box error etc.

      Also accompanied by this is the 'need 2 or more frames to render" bug that has been popping up for the past 10 years and still won't go away.

      Another update please!

      AE 2015.0.1

      OSX  10.10.4

      12GB ram

      iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5