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    Layer selection in batch / Ebenenauswahl in Stapelverarbeitung


      Hi fellow Illustrator Experts,


      imagine you have a ton of EPS files which are build nearly the same.

      All is sorted into layers - those Layers are all named and organized.

      Every EPS has up to 7 layers, sometimes less.


      My task is to make the layer on the bottom, the "Background" Layer invisible in all of them.

      I tried to hide and unhide the layers to get my selection down to the background layer.

      The only problem here ist, that the "hide - select all - unselect - hide again" steps don't always get me to the background layer - depending on the number of layers in the file.

      With that in mind i am looking for an option/ a script / a trick to teach my batch that it should do the Aktion to the Layer with the name "Background" (based on the layer name).

      Has anyone an idea how to do it or can point me into the direction where to look for a script that can do that, or has any tips for me how to create such a script?

      I hope to hear from you soon.