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    crash while saving idml


      Hi, I want to export 6 files into an idml (using CC2015 newest update)

      It works with 3 files.

      The other 3 files are only exported for 80% and indesign crashed.

      The Question: in one file were two text boxes linked. when i deleted this boxes the export works. But in the last two files are no linked text boxes. The files seemed to be good at all, fonts, picture links etc..

      I don´t know the Problem or what i must searching for to fix it.

      Do you have any Ideas?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Could be a bad font or corrupt style, or a bad image, or something else entirely. Start by moving the pages to a new file. If that fails, move only half the pages and continue to divide each half that fails until you ispolate a page (or pages) that has a problem, then select half the objects on that page and cut to the clip board and test again, then paste back and repeat the divisions until you isolate the object.


          If this is not successful, try exporting the stories to tagged text and place that into a new file.

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            sandras86237253 Level 1

            This is an everlasting work... but i do ´t know a other way...

            Ok, the mistake in the next file was a normal textbox. i copyed the text and deleted the box. in the next step i open a new textbox, paste the text. and it works.