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    Is it possible to move an OpenType font from Windows InDesign to Mac InDesign?

    rselzer Level 1

      Specifically, I use Avenir for my publication on my Mac (InDesign CC 2015) but it's TrueType.  I run a virtual PC on my mac and also have InDesign for windows on the virtual machine, and the windows version of InDesign uses the OpenType version of Avenir.  So I'm wondering if it's possible to migrate the OpenType Avenir from my windows InDesign to my mac InDesign.


      I want to do this because I use a bunch of ordinals, fractional and quotes in my work, and it seems like it'd be much easier to use an OpenType font so that those adjustments get made automatically.  Or maybe there's a way to get ordinals/fractionals/smart quotes with TrueType fonts pretty easily that I just don't know about.