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    media offline

    open vessel

      what info does Adobe Premiere look for when opening an already existing project. I can open project on my lap top but I can't open it on my desktop and it all comes from the same source on my external hard drive.

      Both computers have Quicktime 7 and Flash and are windows 7. The only difference is my desktop has Nvidia Gforce graphics card. I know when choosing search engine they ask would you like this to be your default. Do they do the same with graphics cards?

      I don't know why this video won't open on my desktop?

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          open vessel


          Hello again. Does this new thread relate to any aspect of your recent thread which is still in the process of being discussed?

          allan walker [file codec problem]


          When an existing project is saved closed reopened, the project looks for the originals of its source media copies

          a. by specific file name and file type

          b. hard drive save location when the file was first imported into the project.


          When you went from laptop to desktop, did you take along both the project file (.prel) and source media. If the source media are all on that external hard drive,  I do not recall if we went through this, but did you assure that the drive letter of the external hard drive was the same for the laptop and desktop?