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    Alexa LogC - Premiere - AE - Premiere - Resolve


      Hi all,

      Longtime lurker first time poster.


      Alexa LogC - Premiere - AE - Premiere - Resolve.

      I've used numerous ways in the past to roundtrip between these, however right now I'm trying the 'replace with AE comp' way from Premiere, for the first time.

      I'm editing using rushes in LogC from an Alexa, using a LUT for preview/client sake which I'll of course remove before passing onto the colourist (Resolve).


      Some of the cuts I'm having to pass to AE using the 'replace with AE comp' method, and I just want to triple check that my colour latitude will be retained when it comes back in. I know the method for rendering out of AE keeping full latitude using colour management and outputting as Camera printing density.

      However, since the rendering process using dynamic link is stripped away, how can I check that my comps passed back from AE will be sent using the appropriate settings, ie in this case 4444? I've tried briefly peeking into the 'render and replace' settings, but the choices are very limited and the file type for presets is ".epr" which I'm not familiar with how to create.


      When exporting my XML to Resolve, as well, how do I know that the now-present AE comps which replace my rushes will be passed over properly?

      Additionally, as an aside question - with AE 2015 has Adobe made it possible to use one of Arri's 3D LUT's or similar as a colour working profile instead of Universal camera printing density? I know the differences are ever-so-subtle but it might be a nice choice.


      Thank you kindly to any help offered.

      I've cross-posted to the premiere community for best coverage.