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    Crashing and Corrupting files


      InDesign crashes & corrupts some of my files when I try  to open  them.  There is no common thread in which files it does it to. Some have graphics, some are just type.  This has happened since I upgraded to CC2015.  I spend 2 hours on a chat last Friday with one of the agents.  After trying to get one of my corrupted file to open, he came back with an apology & said that I would have to recreate the file.  I had already done that  - what I want to know is WHY is this happening.  I'm having to save everything that I do as idml so that I can access them if the indd file crashes the program. I'm filling up my storage area VERY quickly. This problem is not just on my computer, it also happens on the other computer that is networked to mine. Have any of  you experienced this?  What is your solution?