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    [Q] Loading one external JPG file into different MCs & Downloading

      Hi, I was wondering if I set few MCs to load the same external JPG file, would users need to download thme few times?

      Or only need to download once?

      I am having trouble loading long 700*8000 jpg files due to limited pixel size of 2300(?).

      I was thking of making them into 2000 * 2000 square pictures by cutting long picture into short sigments and putting them side by side.

      and using AS to make them appear as single long picture by using 2 MCs with same image but at different x position of loaded square Picture.

      Anyone have better idea?

      I am bit hesitated to make jpg to swf files cuz I have too many pictures

      Plz spare some time for me..

      Thank you for your time~!!!!