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    lr on my mac killed my mobile libraries


      i moved to lr months ago, maybe even one year ago, when i had to search for an Aperture alternative. then i had to install lr mobile on my iPhone cos you can't easily sync lr images via iTunes.

      present day, i'm on the beach. with my macbook air, doing relaxing things like doing nothing all day. it's summer, i'm not supposed to work here and now. but.


      yesterday i had to put some images from my lr mobile library into my macbook. so i've downloaded lr and installed it. wi-fi here is slow like my grandma, it was a really long agony. why agony, and not just waiting? because in the exact moment i've launched lr on my mac, i wasn't able to see mobile libraries. ok, no pain, let's take a quick look at my iPhone. open lr mobile. and i've seen my librari there, for a fraction of a second, and then i've seen it disappear in vain. leaving a message like 'no libraries here, move away'.

      who cares. go to lightroom.adobe.com and take a look over thOHFFFFFUUUUUUUU*K

      all gone.just.. gone. contact support. one girl told me to check again my libraries. yes madame, there are no libraries anywhere. she told me to delete data from lr desktop preferences. then logout from lr on the mac. then reboot. then my libraries shoulNOPE


      another guy, then. he told me 'coincidence'. the new installation on the mac got nothing to do with lr mobile. ok, cool. now what? now create a new folder and sync and gogogoNOOOOPE





      help. what was in my lr mobile libraries was only there. i'm on vacation, i had pictures of this place there. why not in iPhone camera roll, you'd ask. because lr mobile was good enough to import pics from there. so no need to keep them everywhere. help. please.