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    Nested Movie Clip Problems

      Hello all.

      I am having some issues dealing with navigating from one nested movie clip to another... I have figured out how to do it using some varibles being passed to the root timeline to redirect the the spot where the other movire clip resides and to goto where i need it to, but now I am having problems with the varible not clearing when you use the site map section of the site.

      Basically when you goto a specific section of the site using the site map feature... it works fine, but then when you move ouf of that section and back into it it remembers where you went from the site map section. I have posted the original post below so you can see where this has been going.

      Orginal Post at the Actionscript.org forums:


      Link to sample FLA with the issues:

      Sample FLAof Project

      I feelthat this problem once solved with have many benefits for alot of flash users. So if anyone can post what they might think will work. Please do. The sample FLA is above to test what you might think will work.

      Kind Regards,