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    Why is there a color shift when Importing Tiff files into Lightroom?


      Lightroom color shift


      I have recently had a problem with color shift when importing. tiff files into lightroom.


      I am using a Mac with updated browser and software

      I am using the latest version of LR 5.7.1

      I have the updated camera raw profile in the Adobe library


      I am shooting with Nikon D 810


      My LR preferences are set to File format: tiff; color space: proPhoto RGB; bit depth: 16bit; resolution:350


      When I import a tif file from my desktop or a folder LR imports it and I can then watch as the color shifts from a normal white balance with to a shift from pink/ red to a yellow green. I also notice a decrease in contrast with less density in shadow areas and blacks.


      But when I create an image in PS and save as .tiff to the desktop, then  import that into LR, I do not notice a shift in color or appearance at all.