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    Put a remote file in document using Indesign Javascript


      Hi All ,


      I am using Indesign CS5 .


      I am getting an error in placing an image into frame in indesign Javascript .

      I am getting the error when i am accessing a network drive O but face no error while accessing local drive D




           //This works !

             //myImage = "D:\\3641456.png";

           // This does not work   

             myImage = "O:\\3641456.png";

             var myFile = File(myImage);

             logError ("myFile : " + myFile);

          var myIm =myDocument.pages.item(currPageCount).place(myFile);

        //var myIm =myDocument.pages.item(currPageCount).place (File(myImage))




               logError (e+" : Error");





      Output :

      myFile : /o/3641456.png

      IOError: Cannot find the folder "O:\3641456.png". : Error


      Please help