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    Suddenly Can’t Link to Topics in Other Child Projects


      I’m using RoboHelp 10 HTML to publish WebHelp onto a network server.

      I have 11 merged projects consisting of about 3100 topics.


      After several years of using this method, all of a sudden, I am unable to link to topics within other projects merged under the same parent. I can create external links outside the merged help as usual. This occurs regardless of the project I’m working on.

      When I use the Hyperlink dialog, I select Link to: ‘File’ and browse to the desired topic. I click the ‘Open’ button to return to the Hyperlink dialog. When I click the ‘OK’ button, nothing happens, except a change of color indicating I am making contact with the button.

      I have searched the forums and none of the scenarios/solutions seem to match my dilemma. I reinstalled RoboHelp on my PC.  I tried deleting the old CPD file. None have resulted in a solution. Capture.JPG