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    Video size and format


      am looking to import a video into my Captivate 8 project.  I need to know what file type and size a video would be.  I am looking for high quality but a low size as the video may be 3 minutes long.

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          Captivate can handle quite large video files. However, the course may take a long time to load if the video is too big.


          I am no expert, but a video with a final size in the 6-8 MB range doesn't seem to give me or my users any problems.


          The most common video formats are supported:


          From Adobe's page on Captivate 9 (probably works on 8 as well):

          Record system audio along with narration or import video in a wide variety of formats (AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG).


          Hope this helps,