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      sorry for my bad english, I am French.

      I reinstall LIGHTROOM 4.4( en mise à jour) the 01/08/2015.

      "License or evaluation marked in green (agreement Adobe) accepted license (marked in green) but, below, mention of Adobe:" your recording was passed on well to Adobe.
      Do not hesitate to inform us, at any time, about any modification of this information...

      How join Adobe to make accept the installation?

      (4 attempts .... no result!) this problem pulls, after a few days of not use of Lightroom 4, the disappearance of all my predefined parameters .... which I again have to reinstall in every new use...
      Having the CD / DVD of Lightroom 4, I downloaded on the site of Adobe, directly, the MAJ 4.4.1 I do not know anymore how to make validate by ADOBE a software which I bought and which has such dysfunctions!
      Thank you for your help

      Best regards.

      le 06/08/2015.