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    mouse position based alpha

      The script is little buggy and cant seem to figure it out. When I mouse over set boundary of x,y, mouse position triggers easing alpha from 0 to 100%.
      Following bugs seems to happen:
      - On continuous mouse over with in that position, it fades away on its own and ceases to work until i go in and out of that area repeatedly.
      - On mouse out, there is a pause that depends on how long I have I have it mouse over.
      - Sometimes, after mouse over, it doesnt fade away on mouse out.

      I have made the links absolute so i could control multiple movie. And with in these movies, there are buttons that has its own separate actions (loadmovie).
      take a look at the script and let me know of any suggestions. Thank you
      speed = 30;

      testmovie.onEnterFrame = function() {
      if (_root._xmouse>20 && _root._xmouse<150 && _root._ymouse>290 && _root._ymouse<327) {
      testmovie._alpha += speed;
      } else if (testmovie._alpha>0) {
      testmovie._alpha -= speed;