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    Lightroom 6 has developed major instabilities.


      It crashed because it could not find its mounted drive.  Then it froze after it created 10 copies of various files and could not open any of them.  At that point, it also locked me  out of the drive my photos live on.  Photos were there, but could not be seen in Finder.  Just now, it ate all my export presets.  When I first installed it on an iMac running Mountain Lion, my copyright data wasn't carried over from 5.  My MacBookPro, running Mavericks, still had that preset after I installed 6.  Currently, that computer is fine, but my new iMac, running Yosemite, is what is giving me trouble.  Is it worth reinstalling and what am I going to loose in the process?  I do not have CC, nor do I want it.