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    Video resolution not matching


      I shot two videos with my Sony camcorder. The second movie was a short one which

      I opened in After Effects CS 3. I used CC scatterize on it for use with the first clip.

      The Sony camcorder movies are mpg.  I rendered the movie that I had in After Effects

      as a .avi.  I will try to explain the best I can my problem.  The first movie which did not

      go thru A.E. when opened in VLC, the width goes all the way over to the minimize button.

      The movie that came out of A.E. when opened in VLC, the width does not go that far.

      I checked the resolution and both clips said 720 x 480.  In A.E. I rendered the movie in

      NTSCDV and NTSCDV widescreen. Still the same problem. Now, I am not even a novice

      at this sort of thing. I just trying to make a fun movie for my grandkids. Is it because on movie

      is mpg and the other is avi?  I think I have a converter to convert the mpg movie to avi.

      I am not sure that I am explaining good enough.  When I put the two movies together, the

      one from A.E. comes out with a black border on the width.  Thanks.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sounds like a pixel aspect ratio issue.  If you shot 720x480 widescreen on the camcorder,  the pixels are meant to be stretched a bit to fit widescreen.


          But before se go any further, even more important is this -- what are you going to do NEXT with your rendered file from AE?  Make a DVD?  Make a quicktime movie to play on the computer?  That stuff is important.  Usually with AE, you start with the delivery specifications and work backwards.


          You should also know that AE CS3 does NOT play nicely with mpeg video.  If you plan to get fancier in your AE work in the future, I'd transcode video clips to to a different Media Container & Codec so that 1) AE behaves and 2) you preserve as much image quality as possible.  Personally, I like quicktime movies in the Photo JPEG, PNG or Animation codecs for this.

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            billyc88920796 Level 1

            I was just making a video to put on Facebook for my grandkids. I solved the problem by importing the first video

            into A.E. and rendering it.  That way they came out the same. Yes, I noticed that I didn't have that problem with

            the first few videos that I did with a cheap camera that records in .mov format.  So, now I know where to look further

            with the pixel problem. I will see if I can change something on the good camera.  I am not doing nothing serious with

            A.E.  Since I retired and have time on my hands, I am just trying different things.    Thanks for the help. 

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              You're welcome.  Learning how to work AE well is one sure way to keep you out of the bars!