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    Html/Flash/Css dynamically

    luciewong Level 1
      what I want to achieve -
      the opening page - index.html should open with a user predefined data.

      I want the user to define website parameters like:

      website size (width/height)
      background color
      Meta tags

      So I will provide a form where the user choose or input these values.
      No problem.
      Now, this data has to be stored. I can store it in a database, ok,
      or - is it better to store this data dynamically in a CSS file?

      The problem I see is
      index.html must upon opening be enabled to read the user predefined data, like website size and background color.
      I cannot configure index.html, because I don't know the user data.

      The loaded Flash file will then be embedded in an Html, already containing the right background color and size.
      Of course, I can change the Html background color from Flash, but this process comes too late.
      It must come, before Flash is loaded
      How can I get this data into my opening Html page upon opening?

      Any help greatly appreciated.
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          The Feldkircher Level 2

          Index.html can't open without user defined data, until that data is defined. Does that mean your going to store every visitors defined data?...... or will it be stored as Cookies on the visitors machine?.....

          I think if this is want you want to happen then you have to have a pre index.html page such as a runfirst.html to collect the data.
          But then you have to detect if they are an existing visitor or a new one, because you dont want to run runfirst.html everytime.

          I can't think why you would want to have every visitor set there own preferences, this is a programming nightmare way beyond Flash.