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    No sound output in Avi render after last CC update

    Lewiz Level 1

      Hi there everyone,


      Am I the only one experiencing silent output on every AVI render that I make since updating to the last CC version of AE? Quicktime works fine, so I reinstated QT in my workflow again (a couple of CC versions earlier it was QT renders that came out with 'dropouts' and all other kinds of problems, so at that time I switched to AVI) to work around this issue, but this is an obvious bug since the last update. I simply add a Comp to the render queue, no matter if I choose Audio "Auto" or "On", any AVI will come out with no sound at all. Copying the render queue item, leaving every setting as is but choosing QT as output will render just fine with sound. What happened? Why do even the simplest, most basic things that have have been working fine since AE version 0.0 all of a sudden break down when an update is launched? Updating is becoming more risky business than ever before, it seems. Adobe please listen to this...