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    ActiveX: how to access properties with arguments?

      Hi NG,

      I have some trouble with an activex control I'm using in one of my projects. It exports one of its core functions as property that takes an integer argument. Every time I access that property, Director stops script execution with an unspecified error (errocode: -2147467259). I tried every syntactical trick I know (argument in squared brackets, parentheses, ..), but I don't get that call to work. Here's the code (in Javascript syntax):

      function exitFrame() {

      put(sprite(1).CachedAnalogIn(1)); // crashes here!


      As all method calls work (like UpdateCache()), it seems to have something to do with CachedAnalogIn being a property. Is there some "special syntax" I need to use to access properties with arguments? Or is this simply not supported by Director? It works with every other Tool I tried (Delphi, C++Builder).