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    Not able to see most keywords after moving LR5, nor any of the flags.


      Yesterday my PC, running on W7 came back after a service, due to slow running. I was explained that what they had done, was to move the Lightroom folder back from my D:disk (which is where I had put it at some time, I suppose) to C/Users/My name/My Pictures/Lightroom. They had also moved my picture files to C (which is an SSD disk).
      So far all is well, I thought. I started Lightroom (version 5) and changed my library path to C/Users/My name/My Pictures/Lightroom/My Name Catalog-2.lrcat (which is where it was previously kept). All my pictures appear, so do their caption time and caption, but 95% of the keywords are missing, so are most of the flags.
      Any idea what I should do? (I still have my folder and pictures back up before it all was moved then, on an external hard disk.)

      And yes, I have kept my backups before this happened.

      And, strangely, the keywords DO appear in both the keyword list and under "Keywords suggestions", but not in the "Keywords" box.