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    Animated GIF > Save for Web (legacy) ends up too large


      I have created an animated GIF on an artboard which is 768 x 90, however the Document Dimensions indicate 1456 x 416 (a lot of the images fly in and 'shrink').


      When I export it as a PNG or a JPG it only exports the artboard, so it stays the size I want it (768 x 90); but when I Export > Save for Web (Legacy) which is the only way to create an animated GIF as far as I know, it is exported at 1456 x 416.


      How do I get it to output the animated GIF at the size of the artboard? Thanks.

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          irina maderych Adobe Adobe Employee

          The new Export> Export As workflow does not export animated gifs, at this time. It is likely something that will be supported in the future, however.


          To export an animated gif in PS using Photoshop CC 2015, do not use artboards. Please use the Export>Save for Web (Legacy) option without artboards. The Save for Web functionality doesn't support artboards and likely never will. Instead, we will continue to improve and add to the Export As workflows.