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    I am using an iMac and LR 6.1.1


      I have about 35,000 photos and work with them, i.e. LR is storing the data in a catalog.


      I want to use these data on the same photos on my Mac Pro with LR 6.1.1 as well


      What do i have to do to get these data on the Mac Pro?

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          As i understand your question you basically want to transfer catalog with al pictures to MacPro..Correct me if i am wrong..If not so:


          Scenario 1:-If your Pictures are stored Internally in MAC HD


          Connect an Extenal Drive

          Open the catalog with 3500 pictures

          Click on All Pictures from Left hand panel in Library Module

          File>>Export as catalog


          Take external drive to MacPro and open the catalog


          Scenario 2:-If Pics are located on External drive

          You can serve external drive a common storage for both computers

          Go to Lightroom>>Catalog setting>>Show

          Just take this catalog to MACPro


          Make sure you have plenty of space left in External drive


          Another Way--Refer How do I move Lightroom to a new computer?