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    Script error in a chm file when printing to PDF




      Did a quick search to see if this question has been posted and answered before in a RoboHelp forum. I'm sure Peter Grainge, the RoboHelp guru, will know the answer.


      I'm  having scripting problems trying to print a .chm file on my computer. Not all .chms on my computer have the problem. Only this particular one that a developer gave to me that he produced from Sandcastle. I want to print the entire .chm contents to PDF.


      When I click Print on the .chm toolbar and choose "Print the selected topic" in the Print topics dialog box,




      All works as expected. I can choose the Adobe PDF printer as my printer and create a PDF.


      However, if I try to print by selecting Print the selected heading and all subtopics

      I get a ton of scripting errors, like this one:




      Is this something I can fix on my side or does the developer need to change settings in Sandcastle? I thought it might be the hhctrl.ocx Active X control on my machine, but it exists on my machine and seems to be registered.


      I know this a RoboHelp forum, but I figured this is a general enough problem that has occurred many times in RH.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Thanks for the kind words but whilst I may be A RoboHelp guru, I am far from being THE RoboHelp guru, especially when it comes to CHMs. I last worked with them about 15 years ago.


          Printing all topics always has been a problem. See Item 2 at Snippets CHMs. I am guessing that the script error is causing by it not finding something in the same way that topics cannot find their stylesheets unless there is a whole load of duplicating of files.

          Maybe someone with more knowledge of CHMs and / or scripts can help.


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