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    Publishing a Visio chart as an ebook


      I have a large Visio chart that I would like to publish as an ebook (as an alternative to having customers download it from my website as a PDF file). I'm trying to understand how the Adoble products can help me do this.  I'd appreciate answers to as many of these questions as possible:

      - At a hi level, what will be the process?

      - Which Adobe tools will I need to move the file from a Visio .vsd file to an ebook file?

      - Will users be able to resize and scroll around the ebook pages?

      - What is the maximum size in inches an ebook page should be in order for users to smoothly resize and scroll around an ebook page? The complete chart is 105" x 325" so I'm guessing I will need to break it up into smaller sections for each page.

      - From what sources can a customer buy the ebook? Amazon? My own website? Others?

      - What tools can a customer use to view the ebook?

      - Will the ebook format prevent the content from being copied, edited or printed?


      Thank you for enlightening me.


      Regards, Dave