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    Why can't I download additional stock images?


      I purchased an Individual Creative Cloud Full license w/Stock.  The stock license is supposed to allow me to download 10 images a month, then each image after these is $2.99 each.  When I try to download the 11th image, I get the following message:



      Creative Cloud Complete with Adobe Stock

      US $7998/mo

      Annual plan, paid monthly

      • Add to a Creative Cloud subscription
      • Additional images at US$2.99
      • Rollover up to 120 images


      I spoke to support and they said I'm getting redirected to this page because the system hasn't updated.  It could take 24-48 hours after purchase.  Well it's past 2 days, and I'm still getting this and am unable to download the 11th image. 


      You would think that when you subscribe to something it would be available in a much shorter amount of time..... Has anyone else had this issue?