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    Migrating CF 9 to 11

    Olman Gutierrez_201

      I have installed CF9 with many files deployed on my server, now I need to migrate to version 11 as I do not have Enterprise Edition I can't do the migration through CAR files. I wonder if there is another method to migrate files and settings from the server. or if the syntax changes that between these versions.

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          haxtbh Level 4

          Adobe did a blog post about migrating to CF11. Although enterprise has a way of doing it much easier, it is possible to get standard to migrate too.


          Migrating from ColdFusion 9 to ColdFusion 11 — Adobe ColdFusion Blog


          Here is the part you will need:


          Migrate via migration wizard

          In case you have a ColdFusion Standard installation or moving to one and both the versions are on the same server, then you need to modify the adminconfig.xml within ColdFusion. The location for adminconfig.xml is \ColdFusion11\cfusion\lib\

          Now, if we are trying to migrate from ColdFusion 9 to ColdFusion 11, please follow the below mentioned steps:-

          • Navigate to adminconfig.xml for ColdFusion 11 and open it with text editor.
          • Change the value from “false” to “true” at


                                    <Runmigrationwizard>false</runmigrationwizard> and


          • Save the file and restart ColdFusion Service.

          After restarting the service, you will get the migration wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue.