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    Extract Panel Problem

    smorris99 Level 1

      My Extract Panel is not connecting to my Creative Cloud Asset, what might be wrong?  Extract works fine to Creative Cloud through a browser.

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          VivekP Adobe Employee

          Hello smorris99,


          Extract needs to connect to Adobe servers to show the data. Please ensure following

          1. Latest version of creative cloud is installed. https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud

          2. Make sure you are signed in to Creative cloud with your Adobe ID and password

          3. File sync is working


          Please ensure to close Dreamweaver while doing the steps above.

          If everything is fine then try to turn off firewall or antivirus and then try to use it.  For Further help lets us know the details of Dreamweaver version and Operating system you are using .





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            lnayal Adobe Employee

            Hello smorris99,

            It would be great if you can share a snapshot of problem you are seeing with DW Extract. What error you are getting while loading Extract?

            Meanwhile try below steps

            1. Signout from Dreamweaver help menu >sign out(xxx.adobe.com)

            2. Quit Dreamweaver and pause for 2 minutes

            3. Restart DW and sign in with your Adobe Id

            4. Launch Extract panel and check the behavior