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    Moving from Aperture to Creative Cloud and Lightroom - a few questions


      Hi, now Apple will stop supporting Aperture I intend to switch over to CC and Lightroom.  If someone can point me at the best resources I will be very happy, but meanwhile I have the following specific questions.  I will be very grateful for your replies, and both your general and specific advice.

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      1. I believe there is a plugin that imports Aperture libraries into Lightroom.  This might be a naive question, but will this import only the original photograph, or the original plus all edits?
      2. Will my project and naming structures be retained?
      3. My library is split over my iMac's hard drive (managed files) plus a separate drive (reference files).  Will this cause issues in conversion?
      4. Is this a "one way" conversion or will I be able to carry on editing photographs in Aperture?  If yes, the I assume the new edits in Aperture will not be accessible in Lightroom.
      5. Is the conversion advisable (or even possible) within the free trial period, so I can check how all this works?  And, if yes, and I decide not to pursue CC, then will everything continue to work within Aperture as now?