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    Nikon D810 transfer issues


      Okay so I will do my best to describe this issue:

      I have had my camera for over a year and fell in love with it but I changed a few settings to enhance image quality. I am now saving my photos in the "CF" in stead of SD and now I am unable to transfer any of my images to Lightroom 4. I have even tried the DNG. Raw converter and for some reason it doesn't work. I have even plugged in my Mac Pro computer directly to my camera and still could not transfer them out. The only thing I was able to do is transfer them using Nikon Capture NX2. (which I able to process them in). BUT, I would like to figure out why I lost the ability to transfer in Lightroom 4. Has anyone had this issue because as I consider myself a professional and I can't believe I'm having a problem like this. Any help would be appreciated and Please don't think less of me .