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    In double sceeen, Lightroom changes from one screen to another...


      Hello everyone, here is the thing. I use lightroom on a 13" macbook pro, with a 22" screen plugged. Ok.


      On a general use, i have lightroom on my Macbook's screen (because better colors) in fullscreen mode and i use my 22" screen for music, internet windows, finder and stuff.


      BUT, randomly, when i select other windows on the big screen, Lightroom, all by itself, shifts its position on the big screen, in full screen. I then have to press "shift F" several times to put it in window mode and put it back to its place. Of course i'll have to do it again in 10 minutes....


      For as long as I remember, it always has ben like this.... Anyone know how to make it stay where i put it ? x)


      Thanks everyone