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    See Also keywords missing

    Rannveig Østevik
      I am using RoboHelp HTML X5.0.2. I have a project that I at some point converted from WinHelp and have been working with for many years.

      Yesterday I should work with the See Also-keywords in the project, but discovered that the keyword list was empty. When I open the topic properties, I can see the See Also keyword(s) connected to that topic. I can also see the list of keywords when I open the properties of the See Also design-time control.

      I tried adding a new keyword to a topic, and that keyword showed up in the list. There was created a new file called rhakeyword.apj which contains the keyword I added.

      I renamed and opened the project file in Access, and could see the list of keywords there. The one keyword I had added was listed with a positive ID (1) while the other keywords had negative IDs (-1 etc).

      I tried searching the forum archives and the HATT archives, but I couldn't find anything similar or relevant. Anyone has any idea what has happened here, or what I can do to get my keywords back?

      Rannveig Østevik
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          Rannveig Østevik Level 1
          I was able to solve the problem by manually editing the rhakeyword.apj file. I hadn't so many See Also-keyword, so it was possible to add them there. All links to the keywords were restored when I added the keywords to this file.

          Before that I tried rebuilding the CPD-file, but that didn't add the keywords to the See Also tab. If I tried to add the keywords manually in the RoboHelp UI, I got an error messag that the keyword already existed.

          Rannveig Østevik
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            John Pierre Cornelissen Level 1

            I had the same issue (RH X5).

            The rhakeyword.apj only had 3 keywords. I deleted the file and restart the editor, the file was recreated, but only with the same 3 keywords.

            I then opened the .cpd file with Access and also found the negative ID's. I changed all of them to a positive ID in the 2 Akeyword... tables. Then restarted the editor again and my see also keywords were back, even in the rhakeyword.apj file.