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    A question about the Univers font in PDF


      I want to generate a .pdf file using Univers font like below and when I use InDesign CC to open original .indd file it prompt missing "Univers 45 Light Oblique", 'Univers 55 Oblique", "Univers 65 Bold" fonts.

      question 1:why the font name that come from indd is different with PDF file fonts Tab

      question 2: I can't get these fonts with exact name, for example I got a font named "Univers LT Pro 45 Light", so "Univers LT Pro 45 Light" and "Univers 65 Bold" are same font? if not where can I get these fonts? 

      question 3: what‘s the different about the font ICON 'a' between 'F'

      thank you very much.