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    Connecting paragraph style with object style.

    Ania Wieluńska



      Is there any way to connect object style with paragraph style?


      F.e. I have paragraph style called 'final' and object style called 'top'. This object style includes only text frame alignment to the top. Whole document has justified text frames, set on master text frames, because Keep Options controls sometimes create columns of varying lengths, and I find it as a best way to prevent that fact. But sometimes, especially at the ending of a chapter in the document, there are only few lines left, and they should be aligned to the top (or baseline grid). I've always been fixing it manually, but it's a lot of work - especially when you have to delete so many lines that your amount of pages changes (fixed text frame stays in the same place, but for example this ending of paragraph is no longer there, and you're ending with huge mess).


      SO, I was wondering if I add paragraph style 'final' to every last line of chapter, is there any way to connect this with 'top' object style, to make it more automatically? (I want situation where appearing 'final' paragraph style on a specific page changes its frame to top aligned).


      Thanks, Ania